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Vision Statement

  • To be the high-value provider of building envelopes through knowledgeable, dedicated associates working professionally with an exclusive group of vendors and customers in an environment built on commitment and trust.

Mission Statement

  • Market, fabricate & install sustainable exterior walls for industrial, commercial, architectural and institutional buildings to achieve consistent growth and financial results.

Positioning Statement

  • Position Engineered Facades with an E2 logo that represents a focus on engineering and execution, and being easy to do business with.

Customer Management Philosophy

  • Once an order is booked, the organization is totally committed to customer satisfaction and the financial success of the project.

  • All projects have secondary customers that are important to future business.

  • Accuracy, thoroughness and speed reduce costs and exposure to back-charges.

  • We, not the customer, are responsible for initiating meetings, field visits, phone conversations, conference calls and follow up.

  • Demonstrate to the customer that we are managing a project by maintaining documentation that is readily available.

  • The project manager’s role is to expedite a project by persistent and diligent pursuit of information.

  • When anyone senses that a project is off course, resources must be gathered immediately to create solutions.

  • There is no success in proving the customer wrong; success only comes from customer satisfaction and positive financial results.

  • How we treat a customer influences whether he pays us promptly, maintains a cooperative environment, and gives us future business.

  • Until management decides to terminate a customer, we must strive to develop a positive working relationship with him.

  • Avoiding a legal dispute is vital because we’re generally not as righteous as we believe and the customer has his point of view.

  • Closing out a project is a mandatory step in successful project completion.

Guiding Principles

  • Build a culture of cooperation, trust, confidence and consensus.

  • Seek, implement and communicate ideas to enhance the company.

  • Interact in ways that build positive relationships among associates.

  • Demand a safe, professional, and orderly work environment.

  • Insist on quality standards consistent with product value.

  • Convey a sense of urgency to customers and show that we care.

  • Function on meeting commitments and providing closure.

  • Foster an environment of career development for associates.

  • Structure performance to achieve growth and profit goals.

  • Share performance metrics of the company with associates.

  • Not tolerate disrespect for associates or the company.

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